Celeste McNeal

Celeste McNeal, Kundalini Yoga

(918) 814-4774


celesteRaised in a family that honors love, natural health, nutrition and the innate healing power of the body, I have and am living a deeply connected life knowing and experiencing nature inside and out. For this reason, I AM on a journey to remind us all that we have the ability to heal and achieve anything we wish. I AM passionate about empowering everyone to take control of or minds and our health. I intend to focus my energy in our gathering space on bringing speakers and events that will remind us to reconnect with through holistic health, nutrition and sustainable living practices.

In addition to my creative role at pH Community House, I teach Kundalini and Prenatal Yoga. I am a birth doula and also teach Sacred Birth classes! Through all of my many hats, my goal is to assist others in their awakening and to help them access their highest consciousness and cultivate a daily proactive of living in this expanded space of energy and love. Join Celeste every Monday night at 6pm for Kundalini Yoga.