Jeff & Lynn

Jeff and Lynn – Compassionate Communication

Lynn McLellan – 918-955-9511

Jeff Tretsven – 918-992-5813 (office) 918-221-1732 (cell)


16_jeff_bio_photo  Lynn_McLellan   Jeff and Lynn work together to teach Compassionate Communication. This is about relationships and two can demonstrate relationships much better than one. Working as a team allows them to teach in ways an individual cannot.

Compassionate Communication has had a profound impact in Lynn’s life and she wants to share it with others. Her joy in life is working with parents and their relationships with their children. She has been a teacher and director at early childhood centers and is currently working on bringing Nonviolent Communication into early childhood education through CECPD.

Jeff Tretsven is a candidate for certification with the Center for Nonviolent Communication.  He has trained with 18 trainers certified by the Center for Nonviolent Communication, including Marshall Rosenberg. Jeff has been teaching Compassionate Communication (AKA Nonviolent Communication) since 2007. His passion is practicing the philosophy of Ahimsa (nonviolence.)  Jeff practices and coaches mediation sessions on a weekly basis to keep his skills sharp.